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Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing, by definition, involves a long-term, mutually beneficial arrangement whereby unique and specially tailored warehousing and logistics services are provided to one customer. Both Tejas and the customer share the risks associated with the arrangement.

Tejas is a company focused on long-term customer relationships, and we can show you just a few of the reasons why contract warehousing makes sense, such as… reducing costs, locking in service and reliability, and reducing capital investment.

Our contract warehousing program offers:

  • Large quantities of available space.

  • Varying contract lengths.

  • Custom solutions: Tejas has the resources to build specifically to your needs. Tejas also will find, and then purchase or lease, existing space in your geographic area to meet your requirements.


Contract warehousing with Tejas can provide you with the best of all worlds.

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