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Outsourcing Warehouse Management

Outsourcing the labor and management of your in-house warehouse to a third-party logistics company is a difficult but critical decision in today’s economy. For companies managing their own warehousing operations, the unseen costs that emerge are frequently the safety, quality, and efficiency of an operation. The best alternative to avoid those costs is to outsource those functions to a competent and proven logistics services company like FLS.

Startup companies can also benefit from improved efficiencies and advanced technologies through outsourcing to warehouse facility logistic companies at the outset, as they enter a new market and are identifying the best option for start-ups — the right partnerships with those who have the right expertise and resources to manage manufacturing and distribution centers carries an enduring value that can provide new companies with the needed momentum to succeed.

Eight Warehouse Outsourcing Benefits:

  • A plant manager can manage performance hourly, on a daily basis due to on-site hosting services as opposed to at a third party facility.

  • Access to optimal resources and expertise in managing a manufacturing and/or distribution center.

  • Reduce your employee count, thereby reducing the payroll budget and other associated costs.

  • Deal with business cycle fluctuations more efficiently with the ability to scale operations up or down.

  • Gain a competitive advantage with access to professionals in the supply chain with years of knowledge and experience.

  • Increase efficiency with which your business carries out fulfillment and processes of the supply chain.

  • Avoid the need for upfront investment while still benefiting from warehousing software and other advanced technology.

  • Achieve and maintain higher standards of efficiency, quality and safety.

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